I must receive about 100 new emails per day. I’ve already filtered out a lot of “junk mail” from this, so most of these are fairly important to me. Unsubscribing from all of these isn’t an option, because I do enjoy reading certain newsletters and communications. This guide was created for people with that same problem: managing loads of email of WANTED email.

Keeping annoying emails and newsletters at bay, while filtering important emails to the top is very important to me. The guide below will help Gmail users more than anything, and even more so if you’re using Gmail’s Priority Inbox feature.

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I’ve always been a geek. The first computer I used was an old IBM 386  in elementary school, which had only one color, green. It wasn’t long before my school bought new computers. As soon as I discovered Math Blasters and Oregon Trail, I was hooked.

My first computer was a 133mhz Packard Bell, which my dad bought me when I was 12. After that, I went through an HP Pavilion desktop PC, a Sony VAIO notebook, and two HP Pavilion notebooks. Halfway through college, I bought my first Apple Macbook Pro.

I love my Mac, but what good is owning one when you don’t know the best Mac OS Applications to use? Here are some of the most useful apps for Mac that I’ve found.
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I’ve recently been given the daunting task of repairing the 1969 Dodge Charger SE. I was driving it around earlier this year and the engine started smoking. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the A/C compressor was having problems. I purchased a compressor, but then realized further that it was actually the A/C compressor clutch that really had the issue. It seems that the bearings went out on the A/C clutch, which completely explains why it caused smoking in the engine.

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