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Remove'em Link Removal

How to Review Domains Using the Remove’em Link Removal Tool

Remove'em Link Removal Tool

This is a quick and dirty guide to removing links using the website Remove’em. You will be presented with a long list of domains that need to be processed. The goal of this is to remove poor quality websites from linking to your website.

Remove’em to Remove Low Quality Links

Remove'em Google PenguinYour job using Remove’em will be to differentiate between the poor quality sites and the good quality sites. Lets begin:

  1. Open removeem.com and login.
  2. Go to Sites in the left sidebar and click “Review Domains.”
  3. Underneath “Filter Domains” click on “Not Marked.”
  4. On the review domains page you will see a large list of domains that need to be manually reviewed for quality, with 10 domains per page.
  5. Click the “Page” underneath the heading “Links” and it will open a new tab with that page.
  6. Determine the page’s quality by taking into consideration several factors:
    1. Does the page open? If not, select Bad.
    2. Does the page content not make sense or is it written very poorly? If so, select Bad. This content is typically generated by spammers.
    3. Is the page a website information page? Select Unsure or Bad
    4. Is the page a well written press release? Select Good
    5. Is the page on a domain related to your industry? Select Good
    6. Be especially cautious of any link from sites that all occur on the same day, these are generally spam and Bad.
    7. If the page is a feed such as RSS, or you aren’t sure, just select Unsure and have your boss or an SEO review it manually later.