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How to Get Busy People to Take Action When You Send an Email

Unfortunately, I get extremely busy these days and I am not able to answer all of my emails. At the time of this writing, I probably receive one email ever 15 minutes that isn’t considered junk. Add that on top of an average of 15 phone calls per day, a hundred text messages, my Facebook messages, so on an so forth, and you have one busy man!

However, there is a way to send me a message that is more likely to get a response. Here are some of the key factors in doing so.

  1. Keep your email to me short
  2. Make sure it is organized.
  3. Put the most important information in the first line of the email.
  4. If you need my immediate attention, text message me (if you have my phone number of course).

I could go into this further, but I have found an article that really sums up how to get a busy person to answer your emails.