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La Vita Dolce Italian Bistro & Lounge on Yelp

Dolce sat our party of 5 immediately and was helpful the whole way. Great service, friendly staff, owner came up to us and asked how everything was. We really felt like VIP’s.

Also, there was live music because it was a Sunday evening. Everyone was happy with their meal. I ordered the filet and lobster ravioli, which was amazing. The only suggestion I have is to decline the ground pepper because it came out too course.

I also forgot my hat there, and the owner personally ran it out to me at our car. What a great guy!

Stop searching for a place to eat and check this place out. The most expensive thing on the menu is $26, and an average entree is about $10-$15, so this place won’t hurt your wallet either.

See my review of La Vita Dolce Italian Bistro & Lounge on Yelp

Traveling Tips & Travel Packing Tips for Holiday Travel

I love to travel for holidays and vacations, and I travel by air most often. However, one of the things that really annoys me about traveling is the preparation that’s involved in thinking of “everything” that could ruin your departure, trip, or return. Living in Las Vegas and having family out of state really changes the dynamics of the holidays for me.

This is my personal list of travel tips to consider when traveling for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, or any trip that lasts more than four days. Continue reading

Midtown New York Apartment Scam, Evaded! (Craigslist!)


So… I’m about to leave for my trip to the Big Apple (New York City) and decide it might be fun to stay in a personal apartment or condo rather than an uber-expensive New York hotel. Little did I know, although I strongly suspected it as being possible, there are tons of scam artists out there trying to collect rent and deposits for “vacation rentals” that don’t actually exist… or at least they don’t own the properties in which they are selling.
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I’m on a Mac, Are YOU?

I purchased my first Mac a few years ago, and I must say, I have never been happier with a computer in my life. I was really nervous to switch from a PC and I held off for over a year. But now, I am never going back! I have Windows on my Mac too, but still never use it. I can safely say that Windows is basically useless to me! Thank God!