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Organic Deodorant

Organic Deodorant Review of Organic 101 Cedarwood Spice

This is the best natural organic deodorant I’ve ever tried, and I’m typically quite skeptical about what I put into, or onto, my body. A friend of mine turned me onto this and said it was the organic deodorant review he read convinced him to buy. He said that its definitely the best that he’s ever tried. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t let me use his (and I totally understand why) so I decided to slap down $15.99 and get my own stick.

Organic Deodorant Review

Now, I don’t usually write reviews about things as mundane as organic deodorant, but once you’ve FINALLY found something that is as good as this, you want to share it with the world! The product I am talking about is the organic deodorant by Organic 101.

With all of the latest studies concluding that common deodorant and anti-perspirant ingredients contain carcinogens known to the state of California to be dangerous, why would I risk my health? So I can wear a name brand product that nobody could even name upon a whiff? I don’t think so.

Dangerous Deodorant Ingredients

  • Parabens
  • Aluminum
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Steareths
  • Triclosan
  • TEA / DEA
  • Fragrance
  • Artificial Colors

The organic deodorant by Organic 101 doesn’t have any of these dangerous ingredients or compounds in it, and is made with 100% organic ingredients (organic beeswax, organic coconut oil, organic corn starch, organic cedarwood spice essential blend, and organic rosemary extract).

Not even a “natural deodorant” can say that same, as they never live up to their hyped. Typical natural deodorant lacks 100% ORGANIC ingredients and aren’t backed up or certified by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) like Organic 101’s.

If you’re thinking that you want to buy organic deodorant and save yourself from worrying about these dangerous ingredients (and especially smelling bad) then I highly suggest taking the plunge and buying the Organic 101 organic deodorant. I’m living fresh and healthy, and it’s truly an incredible experience being free of worry!

Organic Deodorant

How to Fix “The [Extension] was Automatically Removed” on Google Chrome for Mac

I’ve literally been fighting the Google Chrome extension error code “the extension webpage screenshot was automatically removed” for YEARS now. I finally got so sick of that annoying popup coming up that I spent 3 solid hours figuring out how to remove it from my MacBook Pro. Time well spent for you, if you’re here reading this!

Speaking of which, if this post helps you out, and you appreciate the time and effort I put into this post, feel free to buy me a cup of coffee.

Now, back to my guide about how to fix the problem with the annoying confirm changes button on a removed Google extension.

How To Find the Folder Containing Google Extensions

The first thing you’re going to want to do is find the folder on your Mac that contains this Google extension.

The easiest way to navigate to this folder is to open a new Finder window, then click the “Go” option at the top, and choose “Go to Folder.” Once you’ve done that, simply copy and paste the folder location that I just posted above. But first, you’re going to want to change the username part with that of your own so it will look like this:

/Users/[your username]/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Extensions

If you’re still having a hard time finding the folder, here’s a link to some more help.

How to Find Folder Containing Google Extensions

Once you’ve done that, you’re going to be in a folder with a bunch of randomly named folders. These folder names actually have a purpose and are the ID of every Google Chrome extension that you have on your computer.

Removing The Malicious Google Extension

Option 1

If you only want to remove the extension that is bothering you, then the easiest way to find it is to just start going through the folders and viewing the icon that is inside of them. This is usually named 128.png and is the icon that is displayed in your actual Chrome browser when the extension is active. Note: Not all extensions will have this icon!

Option 2

The cleanest approach to removing the annoying “confirm changes the extension was automatically removed” notification you will want to remove all of the folders that don’t match up with what is installed. This way, you not only get rid of the extension that is bothering you, but all of the other ones that you don’t need anymore too.

Now for the tedious part.

Open chrome then copy and paste this into the address bar:


All of your installed extensions will show in the Google Chrome window now as shown in the image below.

Google Chrome Extensions

Checkmark the “Developer Mode.” Enabling this will allow you to see the ID’s of all of the extensions. If you look at the screen shot above you will see that my 1Password app has an ID of “aomjjhallfgjeglblehebfpbcfeobpgk” and if you’re like me, trying to uninstall the “Webpage Screenshot” extension, maybe your ID is the same as mine was, which is “ckibcdccnfeookdmbahgiakhnjcddpki” so if you see this then send that folder to the trash!

You’re going to want to take out a piece of paper or open notepad/Word on your computer for the next part. Copy all of the active extension ID’s down and then compare them with the folder names in the Finder folder that you’re in.

Everything that matches up between them is an extension that is currently installed. Everything that does not match, is an extension that was once installed, but has either been written over with a new version, or was removed.

Delete all of the folders that don’t match up with the installed extension ID’s.


You’ll never see that annoying confirm changes pop-up on Mac again!

P.S. Once its fixed, don’t forget that coffee! 😉


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