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Red Bull Settlement Gets You Wings… and Free Red Bull!

Free Red BullHave you purchased at least a single Red Bull since 2002? Congrats, you quality for either a $10 check, or $15 in free Red Bull merchandise, all thanks to a weird legal settlement.

I originally found this offer via a friend’s post on Facebook, claiming that they just scored some free Red Bull through some sort of a settlement claim. Now, I’m always careful about these sorts of things, but this settlement seems legit. The settlement seems to make sense, and the settlement claim website ( takes on the exact same appearance as most all settlement claim sites generally do.

Who Qualifies for Free Red Bull?

You’re highly likely to qualify, as anybody that has purchased at least one Red Bull since May 2002 qualifies. All you have to do to get your $15 in free Red Bull or $10 check is fill out your info and click submit at the settlement website.

Enjoy a FREE Red Bull now –>

There are some minor restrictions to this settlement by the way. You can’t work for Red Bull in any fashion, nor can you have purchased your single Red Bull for resale purposes meaning, you had to have purchased the Red Bull and consumed it yourself. You’re also not allowed to participate if you had anything to do with the litigation itself; so if you’re the judge of the case and you’re reading this, we thank you… but you can’t score a free Red Bull like the rest of us!

Enjoy your free Red Bull and don’t forget to like, share, comment, and subscribe!

P.S. I don’t make any money off of this, its not an affiliate offer, and I have nothing to gain but to put an ice cold Red Bull in your hands! If you want to pay me back, just go like my Facebook page about the greatest game on earth, Beer Pong!

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