Naked City Pizza Shop on Yelp

This little gem is located inside MoonDoggie’s Bar on the left toward the back of the bar. For a pizza joint to be open until 3am, this is just what I need in the middle of the night when I can’t head over to Amore’s Taste of Chicago.

I ordered a pepperoni pizza, just a half sheet, for two of us. This was PLENTY of food, and we ended up bringing half of it home. The pizza was only like $15 and was ready quickly. The bartender at MoonDoggie’s was also really friendly, though his personal selection of music from his iPod varied from heavy metal to R&B music lol.

I would have rated the pizza a 7 out of 10 (with 5 being an average pizza). The dough was great, the pepperoni was great, but the cheese was where they missed. The cheese was tasteless and I had to add a little bit of salt and peppers to give the pizza that zing that I was looking for.

I’ll definitely be back to Naked City Pizza for a pie.

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