Canterbury Card Club Review

Canterbury Park LogoCanterbury Card Club is a great place to play live poker in Minnesota. For those who want live action instead of playing at online poker rooms, and live in MN, Canterbury Park Card Club should be one of the first places that come to mind.

Canterbury Card Club’s Poker Games

The Canterbury Card Club is the first Racino to be built. Canterbury Park MN has a professional look and great service. It is located in Shakopee MN and is Minnesota’s great State Casino Canterbury Park Model. Canterbury Park MN lays Texas Holdem, Seven Card Stud, and Omaha, as well as a good selection of casino games in the back room. With 34 poker tables, there is always a good selection of live games to play at.

Canterbury Park Poker Competition

Depending on the limits in which you feel comfortable playing, the Canterbury Park Card Club has soft and tough competition. Usually the other players are softer until the $6/$12 limit, but I would say that the $8/$16 limit is the toughest game in the house. If you are going to play high stakes $30/$60 then be careful because the table has a good mix of sharks as well as lunatics. I’ve played in this game many times, and it’s usually more wild than tough. It’s a great game to be in if you can afford the volatile swings of the game

A friend of mine had JJ and pushed them really hard as he should have and some luny called with 69o and caught 2 pair on him and taking his all-in win away from him.

Canterbury Card Club $1 ChipCanterbury Card Club Customer Service

The service at Canterbury Park Card Club is excellent. Disputes are handled quick and professionally and attractive service waitresses are always available. Have them bring you a cold soda / pop or order a cold beer. Their drinks will accompany an excellent food menu choice. All of their food is wonderful and cooks very fast. You can eat your food and drink your beer at the tables without any dispute.

The Waiting Game

If you are planning on going to the Canterbury Park Card Club in MN you should definitely plan ahead. On Friday and Saturday nights, the lines are typically very long to play any poker game. I once had to wait up to 2 and a half hours just to get a table at the Canterbury Park Card Club and you can imagine what they wait is like now that the popularity of poker is so high.

Previous Experiences

“We arrived at the Canterbury Park Card Club later at night and we got on our live poker tables right away. I was feeling great and was on top of my game so I decided to play the $4/$8 limit Texas Holdem poker games Canterbury Park MN card club was laying. I was getting my fair share of hands and I had AA once. I took down about 75% of the pots I played and walked away winning about $200 within only 2 hours. After that me and my buddies went over to their house and played some more poker but just for fun. Overall, we had a great experience playing cards at Canterbury.” – Daniel Moravec

Canterbury Park MVP CardFinal Words on Canterbury Park

Canterbury Card Club is not the only place to play poker. You can now play poker online as well. Before taking a chance playing live at Canterbury, why not practice? You can do this online and it doesn’t cost anything to play. You can even play against your friends miles away from each other. Take a look at for an updated list of site to play at. You can play for free and get practice or you can play for real money which will prepare you for Canterbury Card Club even more as well as give you the opportunity to make some extra cash on the side.

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