I’m a big connoisseur when it comes to certain things. I keep a mental note of places that I enjoyed, as well as places that I didn’t quite enjoy. Here is my personal list of the places in Las Vegas that I like the most. I hope to run into you at one of them!

Food & Restaurants

I like a wide variety of foods. I’m an “I’ll try anything once” kind of guy. When it comes to my favorite foods though, they tend to cluster into the same areas.

My Favorite 24/7 Places to Eat

Hey, I’m a night owl. Not only do I work with people internationally, but I flat out do not like mornings. When I’m hungry, these are my favorite places to hit.

  1. Krung Siam (Open until 5am)
  2. Sierra Gold
  3. Tommy Rockers
  4. Cafe Vettro

My Favorite Buffets

Buffets are what Las Vegas is all about! I’ve had quite a few of the buffets out here, but tend to stick to the same ones. Here they are.

  1. Bellagio
  2. Rio

My Favorite Posh Restaurants

Sometimes I just don’t feel like cooking myself a nice meal. When the fridge is empty and the beer is warm, here are some spots you might find me.

  1. Texas de Brasil
  2. Alize
  3. N9ne
  4. Cut
  5. Hugo’s Cellar

My Favorite Thai Restaurants

I may not be crazy about sushi, but I am crazy about my Thai food. I absolutely love curry, especially Penang curry. Here are my favorite Thai restaurants in Las Vegas.

  1. Naga
  2. Archi’s
  3. Krung Siam
  4. Lotus of Siam

My Favorite Sushi Bars

I’m huge into sushi, but since I tend to eat a lot of Asian food, I’ve developed this list of my favorite sushi bars.

  1. Naked Fish
  2. Kaizen
  3. Kaya


Las Vegas is known for its gambling. I’ve gambled at the nicest casinos on the strip, and some of the not-so-nice casinos off the strip. Check out my favorites below.

My Favorite Places to Play Poker

If you know me, then you’ll know that I used to play poker professionally. I still play a little bit now and then, but I don’t touch games with life changing amounts of money like I used to play for. Here are my favorite places to play poker in Las Vegas.

  1. Bellagio
  2. Aria
  3. Wynn
  4. Venetian

My Favorite Casinos

I’ve lived in Las Vegas since 2007, so I’ve not only been in almost all of the casinos here, but I have actually seen them as they were being built. Each year something more amazing gets erected. Here are my favorite Las Vegas casinos.

  1. Cosmopolitan
  2. Wynn
  3. Aria
  4. Palazzo
  5. Venetian
  6. Bellagio


My Favorite Nightclubs

I’m still young, at least at heart lol. When I want to go out for a drink or to hang out with my friends, these are my hot spots.

  1. Surrender
  2. XS
  3. Marquee
  4. Tryst
  5. Pure

My Favorite Bars

If I’m just not feeling the loud music, or a scene where people are always bumping into each other, I would rather be at a bar. Downtown Las Vegas is usually the place to go. The following are places you have to check out.

  1. Insert Coins
  2. Commonwealth
  3. Beauty Bar
  4. Don’t Tell Mama.

Trustworthy Las Vegas Mechanic

It’s so tough to find a mechanic you can actually trust. I’ve asked my close friends on Facebook who they trust and here are their answers.

  1. Pedro – (702) 812-7738
  2. Angel Baiz – (702) 927-5726
  3. Cesar – (702) 340-7123
  4. Juan Ramirez – www.facebook.com/juan.ramirez.397/

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