I haven’t written a blog about something in quite some time, aside from updates on Daniel Harguth, so I figured that I would take a moment to write a bit about my business trip to the iGaming Super Show in Dublin, Ireland.

In summary, I’m very glad that I decided to make this trip. Its been about one year since I last attended an iGaming conference, which was in Prague, Czech Republic.

The Irish People

In general, I’ve found Dublin, or more generally, Ireland altogether, to be full of extremely nice and helpful people. I don’t know if I’ve just become used to the tough life of Las Vegas, but the Irish people were more than happy to assist me whenever I’d ask for directions or needed help in some manner.

The Irish Drive on the left!

And now, so have I! Yes, I did decide to rent the smallest car in all of Ireland, a Nissan Micra, and it was a stick shift too! The first day, I hit the left curb a few times because I was used to driving in the left side of the lane, but I had everything under control at about Day 3. The general nature of the highway system took me around Day 5 or 6 to get the hang of.

All in all, if you have the balls to rent a car in Ireland, then do it! It may be weird for the first few days, but the roads are all very well marked, and the signs are in English.

Guiness Storehouse

I’ll admit, my first Guinness wasn’t at the Guinness Storehouse, but the tour was certainly great. They have about 8 floors of things to learn about how Guinness is made, from the planting and roasting of the barley, to marketing over the years, to the Sky bar at the very top floor. At the end of the tour, you’re given the opportunity to either pour your own Guinness, or have one poured for you at the Sky bar that’s wrapped by glass windows and a beautiful panoramic view of all of Dublin.

Rock of Cashel

The Rock of Cashel is an abandoned castle in Cashel, Ireland. I had only a short time to stop through and snap some pictures of it, but it would certainly be worth a second look.

Kissing the Blarney Stone

There is a tourist attraction in the town of Blarney, which is about 250km southwest of Dublin, that’s called kissing the Blarney Stone. The legend of the Blarney Stone is that if you kiss it, you shall be endowed with the gift of gab. It was quite a long drive, and there are two separate toll roads on the way, but it was certainly fun touring the Blarney battlements.

The Blarney stone may be the main attraction of the town of Blarney, but I was equally as interested in the other attractions in the park such as the Blarney House, the beautifully colored gardens of flowers, and the interestingly fatal attraction, “Poison Garden.” Poison Garden was a small garden full only of poisonous plants such as poison Ivy and even Rhubarb (leaves are poisonous if ingested in normal amounts!).

I’d say that the Blarney Stone is cool, but it seems more like a tourist trap site to me.

iGaming Super Show

This year’s iGaming Super Show was located at the RDS Simmonscourt conference center in Ballsbridge. There were over 2300 registered to attend, but the conference felt much smaller than this. It’s likely that many didn’t attend because there was an ash cloud blocking travel due to volcanic activity in Iceland.

I was able to meet with quite a few of our operators, and feel that the conference went well in general. I’m excited to increase exposure for some of our operators and am equally excited to be moving Best Odds into the Latin American market, taking our focus off of US poker and casino players.

Affiliate Lounge Dinner

I met an affiliate manager named Martin at the exhibition hall, and he was nice enough to invite me to the Affiliate Lounge dinner that night. I want to thank you for the invitation Martin!

Calvin Ayre’s “Seven Deadly Sins” 50th Birthday Party

Calvin Ayre is now 50 years old! And boy, does this guy sure know how to throw parties! The theme of this year’s party was “Seven Deadly Sins,” and the venue was the CHQ building in Dublin. He had a different room for each sin, including Lust, Wrath, Pride, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, and Envy. The Envy room was especially great, because it was only open to those of us who had special VIP passes, and was not nearly as busy as the rest of the party.

Affiliate Edge / Intertops Dinner

Martyn Beacon extended an invite to the Affiliate Edge joint party with Intertops, and I wanted to extend a thanks to him for this. Although we aren’t working with Intertops right now, the dinner was a great opportunity to make some new contacts.

Old Jameson Distillery

On the 27th, I visited the Old Jameson Distillery. Although this was a much more organized tour than the Guinness Factory, I was less impressed by it in general. I did enjoy the whisky tasting at the end where they give you three shots to compare; Jameson which had a vanilla / red wine taste, Johnnie Walker, which had a smokey / fiery taste, and Jack Daniels, which had a sharp / bitter taste.

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