On Page SEO – Body Copy & Keyword Density

Body copy is one of the most important aspects of your online business. It is the main thing that your visitors and the search engines use to determine the relevance of your website to a certain topic.

  • Use your keywords at the start of the paragraph, again… early and often
  • Pay attention to your keyword density, 8% to 12% is the best density to stay within
  • Do a keyword density analysis on your competitors
  • Be natural and serve your customers first, then go back and tweak your body copy.
  • Variate your keywords throughout your copy
  • Touch on common misspellings by adding a section at the bottom that states “Common Misspellings”
  • Include both plural and singular forms of your keyword within your copy (if applicable)
  • Bold, italicize, underline, or put your keywords into bulleted lists

Links Within Body Copy

There is definite evidence that search engines pay more attention to keywords found within links and rate them as important.

  • Sprinkle links on your page that use the keyword that you’re trying to rank for as the link anchor text
  • Clearly, keywords in links have a strong effect on that page’s SEO

Keyword Density Within Body Copy

There is no definite percentage that determines the best keyword density to be used.

  • Do a competitive analysis of your top competitors and determine what the best keyword density for your industry is
  • 8% to 12% is typically the best range, use your keywords early and often
  • Don’t get hung up on what your exact density percentage is

Keyword Proximity and Prominence

Prominence is how early and how often your keywords appear is very important. Proximity is the distance between two keywords that you’re trying to rank for.

  • Code is an enemy when it comes to proximity and prominence because it separates keywords from each other and pushes down the body content
  • Using DIV tags to increase proximity and prominence has a dramatic effect

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