I’ve always been a geek. The first computer I used was an old IBM 386  in elementary school, which had only one color, green. It wasn’t long before my school bought new computers. As soon as I discovered Math Blasters and Oregon Trail, I was hooked.

My first computer was a 133mhz Packard Bell, which my dad bought me when I was 12. After that, I went through an HP Pavilion desktop PC, a Sony VAIO notebook, and two HP Pavilion notebooks. Halfway through college, I bought my first Apple Macbook Pro.

I love my Mac, but what good is owning one when you don’t know the best Mac OS Applications to use? Here are some of the most useful apps for Mac that I’ve found.

Media (Photos, Video, etc.)

  • Plex – A true media center for your Mac. Video, movies, music, Hulu, Netflix, etc.
  • Screenflow – Movie and screencast editor
  • Skitch – Image grabber that works with Twitter too
  • Photoshop – World’s best Photo editing software
  • Gimp – Lighter photo editing, similar to Photoshop
  • GarageBand – Create sounds, audio broadcasts, and podcasting
  • IshowU HD – Screen and audio recording app
  • Paparazzi – Full page screen shots with ease
  • Handbrake – Rip DVD’s, make backups, and encode video
  • Transmission – Torrent software

Get Things Done

  • Thoughts – Simple note manager
  • Evernote – Quick note manager
  • OmniFocus – Full fledged get things done software, with iPhone app
  • Things – Task management software

Word Processing

  • Microsoft Word – A must have for word processing
  • Pages – Apple’s version of Microsoft Word
  • ScreenSteps – Create software documentation, visual reports, knowledge products, blog posts and wiki pages in minutes


  • Skype – Instant messaging software with conferencing & VOIP ability.
  • Adium – Combines AIM, MSN, Facebook Chat, etc. in one simple app.
  • Campfire – Internal messaging for your team
  • DropBox – 2 free gigs of storage in the cloud, with folding sharing control and version tracking.

Password Management

  • 1Password – The very best password management software, with iPhone app and cloud syncing
  • LastPass – Password manager

Social Media

  • Hootsuite – Twitter and Facebook account manager
  • TweetDeck

Website Development

  • Coda – Web development, ftp, sql, css editor, and previewing software with subversion support
  • RapidWeaver – Powerful web design software for Mac
  • Versions – A subversion client
  • TextMate – A very simple code and markup app
  • Transmit – FTP client for Mac
  • Fetch – My favorite FTP client for Mac
  • Integrity – Broken link checker for Mac
  • CSSEdit – Simple CSS editor


  • Keynote – powerpoint for mac
  • Market Samurai – Perform keyword research
  • Domainer – domain management software
  • Omnigraffle Pro – Great tool for diagramming, creating wireframes, and process charts
  • Tick – Tracks time spent working, reports to a web-based system that gives great reports
  • iBank – Keeps track of finances


  • Google Chrome – beats up FireFox and Safari
  • VMWare Fusion – Virtualization tool, run Windows on your Mac
  • Mackeeper – Keeps your Mac optimized and running smoothly

Non-Mac Apps I like

  • SeoMoz – For keyword research, competitive analysis, and monitoring the SEO health of your domains.
  • Mint.com – Get a grip on your finances, and know your net worth down to the day.
  • Freshbooks – Invoice your clients with ease and automation.

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