I’ve recently been given the daunting task of repairing the 1969 Dodge Charger SE. I was driving it around earlier this year and the engine started smoking. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the A/C compressor was having problems. I purchased a compressor, but then realized further that it was actually the A/C compressor clutch that really had the issue. It seems that the bearings went out on the A/C clutch, which completely explains why it caused smoking in the engine.

The major problem that I’ve encountered is that I live in a high-rise condominium, and therefore do not have a garage with a tools and a free stall to work from. The natural decision was to find a proper mechanic to repair the vehicle. A former friend, Luis Planas, agreed to repair it for $400, to which I paid him, but unfortunately he took the money, made excuses, and ran with it. So here I am, stuck trying to find a good mopar repairman in Las Vegas. It’s just not as easy as it was in Minnesota… I mean, who has a classic car out here in Las Vegas, NV? Not nearly as many people as you think.

I started by putting a classified ad up on Craigslist, but the only messages that I received were from completely unqualified people. Nobody seems to have a recharging kit, and the only people that I was able to find to repair the vehicle were more knowledgeable in repairing German and Japanese cars. Ugh.

Luckily for me though, I a couple of friends, Paul Urbano & Clark, who have first hand experience in these type of cars. Paul Urbano actually had a 1969 Dodge Charger as his very first vehicle! I had them take a look at a few photographs of the A/C problem on their smart phones, and we’re going to get it all fixed up! I’m ordering the parts right now and for anybody out here by the West Coast looking for parts, here are a few great online resources that I’m using.

MOPAR Parts and Resources Online

Classic Auto Air

This site is dedicated to keeping you cool in the summer months. All they sell and specialize in is air conditioning parts, repair, advice, and service. They’re located in Tampa, FL, but sell parts and give advice to anybody across the United States via US mail and telephone.

MOPARS at the Strip

This is a Las Vegas get together for MOPAR enthusiasts, and is also the place where I purchased this 1969 Dodge Charger SE with my father in 2006. We nabbed it for a ripe $23,000 at the time, and it’s currently worth at least double that. The event typically takes place the final week of March or early in April. For 2011, MOPARS at the Strip is taking place April 8-10.

Other 1969 Dodge Charger A/C Parts Online

History of my 1969 Dodge Charger

I bought this 1969 Dodge Charger for my dad in 2006 at the “Mopars at the Strip” show in Las Vegas, before I moved here. When my father passed, he bequeathed it back to me and I’ve since had it shipped from Minnesota back to Las Vegas, NV. There’s plenty more to talk about as far as the history goes, but I don’t currently have the time to go in depth about it all. Maybe I will update this post sometime in the future.

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