Would you consider this running bad?

So I’m out at the LAPC in Los Angeles and have been playing just a shade less than perfect. The only problem is that no matter how good the reads are that I’m putting on my opponents and their hands, my hands just refuse to hold up in big pot situations. Here’s a run down:

Satellite Tournaments to get into the LAPC Main Event; $1,060 each game $10,000 to the winner.

1) MTT: hand a) (ATs) all in on 9s7s7c flop. I whif the flush draw, but I’m still in. Hand b) (9Ts) all in on J88 flop (short stacked), I miss the straight draw and get knocked out.
2) 10 person sng, 4 players left: (AJ) vs A9 all in preflop with 4 left, 9 flops and I lose. We were both deep stacked.
3) 10 person sng: (AJs) vs QTs all in preflop, T flops and opponent picks up flush draw on turn. I lose.
4) 10 person sng: (AKs) vs AKs all in preflop, opponent catches his flush and I lose.
5) 10 person sng, 5th hand: (KK) vs QQ vs JJ vs AKo all in preflop. Flop is 84A and I lose.
6) (33) vs AKo all in preflop and I lose this flip.

$10/$20 no limit cash games


I hold AQ in seat 5
Seat 2 raises to $110
A weak player in seat 3 calls $110
I reraise to $350
Weak player in seat 3 calls $350.
Flop is Qc6c8s, I hold the Q of clubs.
I bet $500
Weak player in seat 3 calls $500.
Turn is Q68[4]
I bet $800.
Weak player moves all in for $1000 more
I call $1000 more.
River is A684[9].
Weak player shows 64d and takes it down.

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