Pot Limit Omaha Strategy Notes

Premium Hands

The obvious premium hands consist of AAKK double suited, AAJ10 double suited, etc. Any two big pair or any big pair double suited with a J10 is a premium hand.

Playable Hands

  • Any hand with a suited ace and three connected cards is playable. Also any suited ace with a three card one gap is playable.
  • Double pairs are also very good. When dealt a double pair, your chances of hitting a set are one time in four. Sets are very profitable situations to be in when playing both Omaha and Holdem.
  • Play hands in which all four cards are working together… i.e. QQJ10 is far superior to QQ86.
  • Play hands with all combinations working for it such as 78910 rather than 28910, which has 3 bad combinations (82,92,102).

Dangerous Hands to Play

  • If you don’t have the nut flush draw, you really don’t want to play the hand… unless you already have a made hand and are able to back into a flush.
  • It is very dangerous to play top & bottom pair, as well as bottom two pair.
  • Hitting low sets can be profitable, but when you get beat set over set it becomes extremely costly. That’s why you avoid hands such as K662 altogether.
  • When you have a big pair make sure the other two cards are working with it. i.e. QQ72 is not a good hand because you’re really only playing QQ and have no room for improvement.

Advanced Concepts


Position is incredibly important in PLO, perhaps more than any other poker game. You’ll make more on your good hands and lose less on your bad hands when you play them from the appropriate position.


There are some good bluffing opportunities in PLO, but much less than in Holdem. Most of your bluffing opportunities will come when everybody has checked to you. Most bluffing occurs on uncoordinated flops as they are hard to defend by other players with less than top two pair or a set. Bluffing should be done on the flop and very seldom on the turn or river due to the number of possible hand combinations.

Playing Defense

  • If you have a made hand and two cards to the flush with two flush cards on the board… you should realize that your opponent, who may be drawing to a flush, will now have less outs to draw out on you. In essence, your hand is now playing defense rather than offense.

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