No AT&T Cell Phone Service in $8.5 Billion City Center

Although City Center has been open for nearly a month now (since December 16th, 2009), AT&T users can expect to stay at another hotel if they want to make any phone calls.

The completion of the City Center project was anticipated by many. Unfortunately, AT&T customers visiting City Center have been less than enthusiastic with many people dropping calls, not receiving a signal, and unable to utilize text messaging or 3g internet service.

People such as myself have expressed utter disappointment with the City Center staff about the lack of service at City Center. I approached the director of the City Center poker room with a typically simply question, “Excuse me, where can I go to get cell phone service with AT&T?”

After being pointed towards the exit doors, my question was commented on by several other poker players in the room. “You’re going to have to go to Harmon if you want any service,” and “You won’t get any signal in here with AT&T so good luck with that.”

I left my stack of chips on the table and proceeded toward the exit in hopes to gain a signal, which I didn’t receive until I was hundreds of feet outside of the 16,797,000 square foot building which lies on a 76 acre premier plot of land.

I decided to call AT&T about the issue. After clicking through to the “close account” option, I was greeted by a representative. I asked the representative why I was unable to receive service at City Center in zip code 89103, and why my phone was dropping nearly 10 calls per day at my condo in Panorama Towers, also in zip code 89103.

AT&T Representative: “The City Center tower has not yet been completed, but I can put you in touch with tech support and they may be able to assist you with the degraded service that you’ve been experiencing.

After about 45 minutes speaking to her about the “degraded service,” the AT&T representative had given me a $550 credit toward future bills.

This conversation was over a week ago and AT&T cell phone service is still not functioning inside of the City Center project. How long will it take them?

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