The WSOP is in Las Vegas Again (2009)$

The 2009 WSOP has started with a bang this year, and there are quite a few more players this year than there was last. Overall, they events are cheaper than last year… averaging from $1000 to $2000. There are also quite a few championship events that have been added with buyins ranging from $10,000 to as much as $50,000.

Phil Ivey won his 6th bracelet in the no limit duece to seven lowball event last Thursday. How I wish I could be that lucky. So far this year, I’m stuck a few thousand between a couple tournament buyins and mid-stakes no-limit cash games. Here are the games that I’ve played so far this year:

  • 06/03 – $340 No Limit Holdem Deep Stack Extravaganza Tournament at Venetian
  • 06/03 – $5/10 No Limit Holdem
  • 06/04 – $2000 No Limit Holdem WSOP Event 11
  • 06/04 – $2/$5 No Limit Holdem

My track record has not been a winning one so far. I’m looking forward to turning that around by correcting some leaks in my game, my worst trait being patience. I’ve been out of the game for so long now that I’ve lost that trait that nobody can teach you through reading or book or a training session, being able to tell if you’re ahead or behind to a specific hand.

Here are some of the mistakes I’ve made:

WSOP EVENT 11 – $50/$100 blinds

Hand 1

Preflop: QdJh on the BB. Player 1 (UTG) RAISES TO 300, Player 2 (mid-position) calls. I call on the BB. Pot = $950

Flop: 9s7s4s. I check, Player 1 checks, Player 2 checks.

Turn: 10s. I open with a bet of $450. Player 1 calls, player 2 folds.

River: 5d. I bet $1200, Player 1 calls with AcKs.

My mistake: I was trying to represent a flush, but unfortunately ran into the King high flush. I played this hand too aggressively and should have considered what he would call with after being called on the turn.

Hand 2

Preflop: AQo. I raise to $450 preflop on SB. Player 1 (UTG) calls. Player 2 (mid-position) calls.

Flop: K73 rainbow. I bet 900, Player 1 calls, Player 2 folds.

Turn: 5. I bet all in $3100. Player 1 calls, shows QK

River 2. Player 1 wins with a pair of kings.

My mistake: I was trying to represent AK by making a 2/3 pot bet on the flop after representing a strong hand preflop. My mistake was that it was still early in the tournament (level 2) and the player I chose to represent this hand against was difficult to bluff against.

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