The Mastery of Love Notes

Here are some important notes out of the book “The Mastery of Love” that I jotted down while I was reading the book.

  • Usually, when we have the poison of emotions within ourselves, we release it upon the person whom we think is responsible for the injustice, but if that person is so powerful that we cannot send it to him, we don’t care who we send it to. We send it to the little ones who have no defense against us, and that is how abusive relationships are formed. The people of power abuse the people of less power because they need to release their omotional poison. Humans want power because it becomes easier to release poison from a higher power position. This is natural and you don’t blame yourself of feel guily when you are physically injured so why should you when you are emotionally injured? What is important is to be aware of this problem. By being aware, we have the opportunity to heal our emotional body, our emotional mind, and stop the suffering.
  • Love is based on respect. Fear doesn’t respect anything, including itself. If I feel sorry for you, that means I don’t respect you, then I try to control you.
  • When you cannot make your own choices, somebody has to make those choices for you. When they make those choices for you, they don’t respect you. When you say “Poor me, I’m not strong enough, I’m not intelligent enough, I’m not beautiful enough, I cannot make it.” Self pity comes from lack of self-respect.
  • Love respects. I love you. I know you can make it. I know you are strong enough, intelligent enough, good enought that you can make your own choices. I don’t have to make your choices for you. If you fall, I can give you my hand to stand up. I can say “You can do it, go ahead.” That is compassion, not to be confused with feeling sorry. Compassion comes from respect and from love; feeling sorry comes from a lack of respect and feat.
  • Love is completely responsible. Fear avoids responsibility. Trying to avoid responsibility is one of the biggest mistakes we make because every action has a consequence.
  • Love is always kind. Fear is always unkind.
  • Anger is nothing but fear with a mask, as is sadness and jealousy.
  • Love is generous. Fear is selfish, and selfishness closes all doors.
  • Love is unconditional. Fear is full of conditions.
  • We don’t have the right to change anyone else, and no one else has the right to change us. If we are going to change, it is because we want to change, because we don’t want to suffer any longer!
  • In the track of love, there is justice. If you make a mistake, you pay only once for that mistake, and if you truly love yourself, you learn from that mistake. In the track of fear, there is no justice. You make yourself pay a thousand times for the same mistake. You make your partner or friend pay one thousand times for that same mistake.
  • Humans create drama when they believe that they don’t have love. They are starving for love, and when they taste a little love from someone else, that creates a big need. The become needy and obsessive about that love. Believe that you have love and you can avoid this drama.
  • Everyone has a price, and life respects that price. But that price is not measured in dollars, it is measured by love. More than that, it is measured in self-love. How much you love yourself and your life determines how high your price is. When you love yourself, your price is high, which means your tolerance for self-abuse is very low. It’s very low because you respect yourself. You’re happy with yourself the way you are, and this brings your price up.
  • Sometimes self-judgement is so strong that people need to be numb in order to be with themselves. Sometimes people take alcohold, drungs, or eat lots of food to avoid being with yourself. People who do this are peopel who really feel self-hatred and are self-destructive.
  • When needs are in your mind, you may not actually “need” them at all. Your mind telling yourself that you need food is different from when your body tells you that you need food. You might eat food, satisfying your bodily needs, but your mind may say “I need more food.” to which is untrue. The same goes for sex. If your mind tells you that you need sex, you don’t really need it to survive, your mind just thinks that you need it. Your mind doesn’t really need sex, what is really needs is love. More than your mind, your sould needs love, because your mind can survive with fear. We need to free the body from the tyrant that is our mind. If we no longer have the need for food, sex, etc in our mind, life becomes so easy. Splitting needs into the two categories of “body” and “mind” is the first step to achieving this.

Thanks for reading my notes. Isn’t it time you mastered your love? Buy the Mastery of Love book from now.

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  1. Jacqueline Cartwright

    Hi, this book was such an awakening for me. It help me deal with so many issues I had, it’s great.

    1. Henata

      This book is my new bible, its a breath of fresh air to a poison mind! Thanks for writing this book and being generous enough to share your wisdom…


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