Time for New Business Cards

So I’ve been pondering over what kind of business cards I am going to get. I don’t really want anything too closely tied to my businesses, perhaps a link to one site that links out to them all…

Anyways, with the wide selection of business cards available today, I am considering getting 500 to 1000 double sided glossy cards to give all the John Doe’s that I meet in the poker room or on the street. However, I’m also planning on cooking something extra special up for my close friends and important business contacts… METAL.

Yes, I’ve done a search for “metal business cards” on the net and have come up with some pretty sweet designs. Most companies give the option of die-cutting, embossing, scratching, adding color, etc. I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to do quite yet, but the letter “D” certainly resembles a blackjack table… dealer on the left and players on the right…

A couple sweet examples:

  • http://www.luckow.com/clients/woz/images/WOZMetalProof.jpg
  • http://www.mcloonebusinesscards.com/
  • http://www.metalcards.com/metalcards/index.html
  • http://www.plasmadesign.co.uk/metalbusinesscards.htm

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