The 3PM Mega didn’t go so well

It didn’t take long before 25% of the field was knocked out. I had an below average chip stack of about 3150 and a very weak table of players. My only showdown hand was my last one.

I was under the gun and told myself that if I had anything in the top 10% that I was going to limp-reraise with it. I looked down and saaw KsQs. I limped for 200 (Level 3) and the guy next to me raised to 900. Three other players called the 900 and it was my turn to act. I quickly shoved my stack into the center. The initial raiser moved in for another 200 chips and the other three players folded. My opponent said that he wasn’t going to call but felt lucky and flipped over AQo, something that I didn’t think he wasl

Ace high won the hand and I was knocked out. Now I’m playing a $325 satelitte.

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