Bubbled in the Nightly $340 Event – June 15, 2008

I decided to play a little bit lower stakes due to the cold decks I’ve been running into lately. I’m gonna make this one short and sweet. I started playing the nightly event at 7:00pm and there were 271 entrants. After over 8 hours of perfect poker, I had half of an average stack and found KJ on the small blind. The button (big stack) made a raise to 3BB and I thought he was simply using his muscle to take our chips so I raised him all-in for a total of a little less than 10BB. The big blind folded and the big stack called and unfortuately turned over AKo, beating me with Ace high and knocking me out.

I placed 28th in the tournament, 27 places paid.

Sure, it may have been a common tournament mistake to make, playing against the big stack near making the money. However, I considered the $368 prize to be minimal compared to making the final table. Also, at the beginning of the hand, the tournament clock showed 34 remaining players, not 29 so I had considered the fact that I may have to push my stack to make any decent money anyways.

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