$3000 NLH Tournament – June 15, 2008

So I had another disappointing tournament today… at least this one didn’t take 13 hours to realize that I wasn’t going to win something.

We each started with $6,000 in chips. After blinding and calling down to about $5500 I was able to double up. I had AKo in early-middle position and was at a very aggressive table. I smooth called hoping to backraise a player trying to squeeze the pot. The blinds were $100/$200 and there were 4 more callers behind me, building the pot to $1300 in blinds alone. This was odd though, that so many people would call without raising. As expected, the button raised and made it $1000 more to call. Nobody between us called and I reraised him $3000 chips more. My opponent reraised me all-in and I quickly called. He showed QQ and I spiked a King on the flop, knocking him out of the tournament.

It was all downhill after that. I was getting decent cards, but nothing seemed to hit me. I would get A10o, see an ace on the flop, and my opponent would have AJo. I once had AQs missed a flop of K86 men’s warehouse and another hand I had 99 with a flop of KQQ. I couldn’t hit anything whatsoever!

My final hand was pretty bad too. I could have played it differently and won, but the way it went down was disgusting anyways. I had 22 in middle position and the blinds were $100/$200 with a $25 ante. I raised to $700 preflop and the flop came 689 all differnet suits. My opponent checked to me and I bet $700 once again. He came over the top for $1500 more and I moved all in for another thousand. He made a crying call and won with 44.

Anyways, I’ll get a bit luckier one of these days and hopefully catch something that will bring my chips to the level in which they need to be. It’s just so difficult keeping a chiplead with flops like these.

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