2008 WSOP – Event 32 Registration Problems

I got to the Rio at about 11:45 and I’m still standing in line at 1:05. Apparently, there have been major computer and registration problems in the tournament registration office. Things are going very slow right now and I’m typing this as I’m standing in line.

The tournament directors told us about the problem about 30 minutes ago, and think that they are able to fix it by adding a 30 minute break after level 1. Most of us in the tournament registration room think that this is bullshit. However, after voicing our concern about the halving of the value of our chips, one of the directors simply responding by saying “You don’t have to play.”

Why couldn’t they just stop level 1 right where it was? You’re effectively cutting our chip values in half by making everybody (probably a thousand people) start at level 2 with 50/100 blinds. If we wanted to play with this little amount of chips, we would have bought into a $750 tournament somewhere and not put up with this bullshit.

I know one thing, I’m not tipping anybody once I win this thing. No professional service operator, especially a pit boss or a tournament director, should treat their valuable clients like this. If anybody who reads this is playing in the World Series of Poker, be careful about who you tip. All these people care about is the money, and once it’s gone, they are just going to move on to the next whale.

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