I’m Sick With a Case of Fancy Play Syndrome

For the first time in my short-lived life I had a really good shot at actually winning a healthy sized buy-in tournament with a healthy sized field of about 300. I was playing extremely well, surviving two cold decks during the tournament, one time having pocket Kings vs. pocket Aces and another having a flopped set of 7’s beat by a flopped set of queens. The problem is, I came down with a case of FPS (Fancy Play Syndrome) when I had over 10% of the chips with 20 players left in the tournament.

The blinds were 1500/3000 with a 500 ante. Roy Winston made a raise to 9000 in early position. I look down to see my cards and wake up to AA. Rather than reraise, I decide to ask Roy how many chips he had, which was about 80,000 to 90,000, and smooth call. No other players entered the pot and it was heads up.

The flop wasn’t “terrible” to say the least, but it was pretty bad looking. Three hearts, jack high and I didn’t hold the ace of hearts. Roy bet his hand out 15,000 and I raised to 40,000. He almost immediately moved all in and I called. Unfortunately for me, I had put Roy on AK or AQ with the A or K of hearts, now thinking that he may have actually had AJ with the A of hearts. However, I found out that my Aces had very slim chances to win as Roy had flopped the King high flush with KhQh.

I got stacked, and only had about 25,000 remaining chips to play with.

I lasted quite awhile longer, and got my stack back up to 45,000 before Roy took another shot at me. I called a raise of 10,000 during the 2000/4000/500 level preflop with J10. After hitting a 10 on the flop, I thought I may have had a chance at the best hand. Little did I know that Roy his his King at the same time and was about to bust me out of the tournament.

I placed 12th, hoping to do better next time. I learned a valuable lesson during this tournament, play straightforward poker, and never slowplay pocket aces preflop to a raise.

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