Final Week of the Bellagio Five Diamond WPT Event

After my last podcast, I went back to the Bellagio and played a little bit more $25/$50. I won another $6000 in the first half of an hour, but got in a hand against a fish where I flopped a set and he flopped a King high flush. The money went all in on the turn when a 2nd suit rag fell. The hand cost me about $7000 and I was now down about $1000. After that, I lost a few small pots in the next hour and left with a loss of $2000 and some tip money for valet.

I was getting ready to gear up for the main event, trying to satellite in. I won my first and only satelitte into the Super Satellite, costing a mear $560 to enter. Playing in the satellites are typically pretty easy, and this one was no different. We each started with 4000 in chips and the levels were 12 minutes. I played tight and made a couple well timed moves to get in the money. At first, the chips all went to one guy, who could have literally sat out and won his seat into the super. However, he started dumped the chips around the table, evening the stacks and allowing me a chance to catch up to him. I was sitting with an average stack most of the time. My tight strategy turned into a loose/aggressive one once we reached level 5 or 6 and I started picking up quite a few pots. Before I knew it, I was chipleader and took down the satellite with another guy (top two paid).

The Super Satellite was to take place the next day at 1pm. I arrived early and there were just 280 entrants. By the time level 2 was over, there were 385 players who bought into the Super. Hours dragged on, and my chip stack slowly, but consistently grew. I caught a few good hands, but nothing that paid off big time. By level 2, I had tripled my original stack of 5000 to 15000 chips.

After getting to about 20k in chips, I got caught bluffing and lost 6,000 chips in a single pot. I had AdKd and hit a flush draw on the flop 8d9d4s. I raised preflop, bet the flop, bet the turn (3c), and bet the river (Qh), making sure to represent an overpair in the range of Tens to Queens. Unfortunately, my opponent also had diamonds… (Qd Jd). He missed his flush and straight draws, but paired the queen on the end and called my bet of 3500 chips on the river.

I placed 58th out of the 385 that paid over $2500 to get into the Super Satellite, and it took another 3 hours from when I was knocked out to get down to the top 36 players that got a seat, 37th getting cash as a prize.

Since the satellite, I hopped into a $25/$50 and won $1100 and got into a $50/$100NLH mixed with $25/$50PLO and lost $600, so even though the stakes have been high, the wins and losses have been kept in balance.

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