Review & “Testimonial”

After breaking it off with my girlfriend last December, I tried meeting new people via a service that most people know as a reliable and trustworthy online dating company, I figured that it would be fun to try out, and could be a great way to meet new people. Boy was I wrong.

When I signed up to be a member of this overpriced dating service, I thought that this was a service that is priced the way it is because of it’s success factor. Instead, I found out that the money that is being given to this company more so pays for the large amounts of commercials that are aired on TV and customer service representatives that they need to keep their customers as part of the “29 dimension system” that milks as much money from the customer as possible.

The first thing that you do is fill out this long questionairre… aka their “29 dimension system” survey that matches you with “compatible mates” that live as near or as far as you tell the system to look. After filling out the questionairre, you then create your match profile, a sort of public advertisement that says “Hey! I’m right here! This is who I am!” Of course, nobody tells you that people can’t actually look FOR you, but that eHarmony simply makes you WAIT until a possible match comes up on their system.

Ya, that’s right, you have to fill out all of this information, taking hours

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