Crazy Night! Great $10/$20 at the Wynn, All-In Flips, & $5k on one hand of Blackjack

I haven’t been presented with a good game in awhile. In fact, I haven’t been near a game where I didn’t know at least three or four of the players sitting at the table. How is it so hard to get a bunch of tourists who just want to try their luck at poker sitting together at one table?

I like to stalk my prey before I go in for the kill, but the Vegas poker rooms seem to only be full of predators lately. My first stop tonight was Bellagio. I wasn’t planning on playing poker, but I had to drop off $500 that a friend loaned me to place a bet on Memphis to win the NCAA Championship game (Dohhh!!). As I was paying off my debt, I noticed my friend Lisa flailing her arms in the air trying to flag me down from across the room.

Lisa came over to chat for a bit and informed me that the $10/$20nl games at were terrible tonight at Bellagio, but that there was a decent $5/$10nl game over at the Wynn. I decided a long time ago that this girl knows what she’s talking about when it comes to Las Vegas poker game selection, so I said “I’m in!” and we headed over to the Wynn.

There was a whopping two games going on when we arrived, a shorthanded $10/$20nl with a majority of tough players and a $5/$10nl with a majority of fish. I sat down at the $5/$10nl game while Lisa gave up her seat to a fish so the game would be better when she began to play. My how I admire her patience…

The game was good, but I made a bad play early on. I picked up Qs10c in late position and limped preflop behind a few other limpers. The flop came down 9c Jd Qd and I liked what I saw. Seat 1 bet $40, seat 2 called $40, then seat 3 raised to $160. It was my turn to act and I contemplated my move. For some odd reason I decided to reraise the $160 bet to $460, forcing everybody at the table out of the hand, killing my implied odds. Seat 3 moved all-in for another $250 and I was forced to call, hoping for my straight card. The flush card came, but it didn’t matter because all I had was a straight draw, which I missed. My opponent showed AQ and took the pot down.

After realizing that I shouldn’t be blasting at the pots so much with shitty draws, I hunkered down and ended up winning about $350 for the $5/$10nl session, coming back $1000 from being stuck $700 after that hand. As I was about to cash out, I noticed that a tough player had left the $10/$20nl game and a fish had sat down with over $5000. I told Lisa that I planned on playing and had the cashier change the color of my chips up.

I bought in for $2350, my original $2000 buyin at the $5/$10 plus my $350 in profits. In addition to this, I had a Bellagio flag and $1k chip watching over the lint in my pocket. At first, there were just four of us playing, but the game kept getting better and better. Fish after fish sat down and before I knew it, the game was full and extra live. I had AJ, the Wynn’s high stakes poker floor person, change my Bellagio chips to Wynn chips and added them to my stack. Even Lisa came back upstairs to play, and she was just about walking out of the poker room when this table caught her eye.

I was on fire, getting every big pocket pair at least once during my session. I was getting them, but I wasn’t getting as much action as I wanted at first. I’d look down every other hand and see something like AA, KK, QQ, AK, AKs, and JJ. If it wasn’t a big pair, then it was an easy fold like 62o. I looked down to see JJ one time and called a $100 preflop raise in middle position. Four players called and the pot was $400. The flop came J78, all diamonds and not exactly a great flop for me to see. I checked my set, and my opponents checked as well. The 2c came on the turn and I made a $200 bet to take down the pot.

After only two hours, the game was about to break. However, my and an Asian fellow (who only had $300 left) decided to play heads up for a little while. It went back and forth plus/minus $100 until I woke up to AKo on the Dealer button (small blind). I limped preflop and my opponent raised to $100, having another $280 behind. I moved all in and he called with As4s to catch the nut flush. He now had about $760 in front of him and posed more of a threat. We played a little bit longer, and I won a few hundred more off of him. He was down to $490 when he asked if I wanted to do all-in flips. I had over $10,000 behind now so I figured that my chances of winning that $500 were high.

The first flip came and I was dealt Q9o and he was dealt 64s. I missed and he hit a 6 to win the first flip. Our second flip (for $1k each now) consisted of my being dealt KJs and my opponent being dealt J5o. Again, I missed and he snapped off a lucky kicker card. Now his original $300 stack was at just under $2000. I convinced him to do one final all-in flip and he agreed. I was dealt Q6o and hit a 6. He turned over a paired 2 and mucked his other card.

After I cashed in my chips I decided to do a little bit of gambling. I hit a slot with a nice looking progressive and lost $250. I hate losing to the casino so I took that $250 and bet it on one hand of blackjack, which I lost. I then bet $500 on a single hand of blackjack and lost! Soon after, I moved over to the craps tables and bet $200 on the pass line, with $800 on the odds. I hit a 7 before a number was rolled to win $200, but once the point was rolled I lost once again. I pulled out yet another $1000 and put $200 on the pass line, rolled a point… and LOST!!!

I was getting sick of being beat so badly… I pulled the $5k flag from my pocket… walked up to a dealer at an empty table and asked her “Would you mind dealing me just one hand miss?” to which she kindly obliged. I was dealt 84 and the dealer was showing an 8. Surely I was fucked and there would be a ten coming right? No. Instead, I hit and received a 7 for a total of 19. The dealer rolled over a 5 and hit to receive another 5, making her total 18. I WON!!!

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