The Importance of On-Page SEO

Over the past few months I’ve been extremely busy and, to be honest, I’ve been really lacking in the off-page SEO that I should be doing. But, as important as people seem to think off-page SEO is, it’s not all that it’s really cracked up to be.

So I’ve been buying websites left and right, taking their current models and revamping the on-page SEO. I have found that cross linking and on-page SEO can easily outweigh the importance of off-page SEO. If you put up quality content on a regular basis, and make sure that people are attracted to that content somehow, you can guarantee success of your site.

You might not believe what I’m saying, but I really do feel that this is true. One example of why I’m saying this is the newest site that I’ve been assigned to do the SEO on, US Poker Search. The funny thing about this site is that the only SEO that I’ve really worked on is the on-page stuff such as META title, META description, title tags, and the anchor text of links. Other than those things, there has been nearly zero off-page work done to the site. I feel that Google knows a quality site when it sees one, something that the webmasters are obviously taking care of.

Now, given that the on-page SEO that has been done was near perfect, and that the off-page SEO that has been done is minimal, one would think that there is no way that a new website (just a few months old now), especially in the gambling industry, could never obtain high search engine results. However, the site ranks extremely competitively with large gambling sites such as,, etc.

US Poker Search

US Poker Search has made it to the top without any off-page help for the term “American Card Rooms,” however, this is not a very competitive term in the gambling industry.



However, the term “Land Based Poker Rooms” is a much more competitive keyword, and US Poker Search has obtained a #2 position for this term.

So, the moral of the story is to pay more attention to your on-page SEO than your off-page SEO. Off-page is still important, but you should not forget about the people visiting your website. If you make your pages friendly for people to view, the search engines will award your hard work. Work diligently and be picky about everything you do when creating a new website. Quality of work is much more important than quantity of pages or the speed in which your site is released.

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