SEO and Consulting : Are you giving away the farm?

Many of us SEO’s didn’t get our start in programming. In fact, many of us dont program at all, leaving that to the work of the web development company who’s hired us for their clients project. All fine, all good. Until ofcourse, we start giving away the farm.

Case in point:

My client knows that the essence of SEO (basically) boils down to three things – a search engine friendly site, the right key words, and off page popularity. But as those old meta data methods fall more and more by the way side, how is the ‘SEO challenged’ web development co. client supposed to know how to effectively program a site that I work on?

I, like a good little SEO, want my “client’s client’s” site to perform well, and am therefore highly invested in their ability to “throw down” when they step into the programming ring.

“…But we never discussed consulting on the front end.”

So while I can link pop all day long, write and submit articles, detail out page specific meta data, saturate content and RSS / XML my brains out – at the end of the day, “if the code aint right, the outlook aint bright.”

The truth is, the site will do better if I invest in consulting with the tech master on the good stuff: absolute positioning in css, establishing directory structures, working around question marks and session id’s, properly formatting HTML… ad infinitum.

“…But I didnt spend years feeding cattle to just give away the farm.”

So after a long rant, Ive come to this: “Cost considerations for programming consulting is built into the total cost outlined in this estimate.” Period. Then sure, use this info on your own behalf, every day, for your clients, for the rest of your life — and then maybe you wont hire me again. But the site I worked on is ranking well, and that small business owner is making their buck – because the programmers who “wristed” the job were informed… for a cost, ofcourse.

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