Free SEO Book for My Visitors

Okay, so I made a few good contacts at Pubcon, and I’ve been in contact with a popular SEO named Brad Callen. He told me that he authored an eBook and makes lots of money with it. Naturally, I had to ask it what it was about and how much is costs to purchase. He went on to say that the eBook has a high concentration on SEO and that he typically charges $97 per copy for the book.

Brad and I went on to chat more about SEO and I guess that I impressed him when I told him about my website because he made an offer that I didn’t think he would ever make. He said that since he was so successful and was in the same place as I was in the past, that he would let me give this SEO book away on my website for free, and that’s just what I’m going to do.

So, without further adue, here is your free copy of SEO Made Easy. I hope you learn a lot, because this book features some of the most important SEO techniques ever.

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