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We have concluded that it would be best to implement a content management system into the internet gambling portal Currently the business has over 330 pages of content, some of which are using template 1 and some of which are using template 2. The website receives most of its traffic from search engines and gets about 600 unique visitors per day, which is quite a lot for an online gambling website. is considered to be an authority website, with a Google pagerank of 6, which is quite rare.

Reasons for the integration of a content management system include an increasingly high number of pages, increasing difficulty in keeping navigation accurate, increasing time in republishing website, need for multi-author access, need for login option for users, need for more automation, and need for access to admin panel via internet. We need a CMS that can handle up to 15 employees. We do not expect to grow to over 5 at this time, but hope to grow to 15 within two or three years time. We are seeking to expand to different languages on the website and need multi-language support for our non-English writers.

For purposes of this project, I will be choosing our candidates based on their relevancy in Google and their search engine friendliness. I began my search by using Google and inputting the term

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