Today I was doing some regular work over at (I’m usually the buyer) and saw somebody looking for a search engine optimization expert. I sent them a message noting my skills along with a bid price for the work that I can do for them. But that’s not why I’m writing this post. I’m writing to tell you about something that I found, a search engine optimization expert test.

This test is administered by a third party IT company,, that tests technology skills and determines if the person who is taking them is considered an expert. There is an extremely large field of tests available, and it costs $25 to take each of them. Of course, I decided that it would help me gain some recognition if I could pass, so here I go!

At this point of the post, I’m ponying up the $25 and am about to take the exam. Of course, you don’t have to worry about how long the expert search engine optimization test is going to take me, because you can just skip to the next paragraph and find out.

Okay well the test is all over now, and I passed in the 96th percentile of the experts who have taken this in the past. It was actually quite hard, and had a lot more technical questions that I thought it would. Before I took the test, I predicted that it would ask questions like “which of these factors does NOT have an effect on the ranking of a website” and other questions. However, I was prompted to answer questions such as “Which if the following IP addresses does Google use to deep crawl a website?”

Also, this wan’t just some ordinary multiple choice exam, most questions had between 4 and 8 answer boxes to them, and a majority of them allowed you to use checkboxes and select the “best” answers.

I’m proud of my results, so I’m going to post them here. I’m glad that you are reading this too, as now you may be more confident in the material that you read. Now go click some of these ads so I can pay for this test!

And just for those of you who might not believe me, here is the hotlink to my certification.


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